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Video game bosses that can be defeated with a single attack

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After completing a level in a video game, the player is likely to be forced into a challenging final battle to further develop the story. Boss fights usually get more difficult as the story progresses, but some video game bosses will try to stand out from the crowd in ways you wouldn’t expect.

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Bosses are presented to pose major challenges to the player, but some can be defeated in one measly hit. While for many certain goals must be achieved before this can be achieved, there are some whose design makes it possible to win a battle without any preparation.


7 Mysterio – Spider Man 2

After being left humiliated after a battle with Spider-Man, Quentin Beck decided to take on the identity of an alien named Mysterio and challenge him again. He made his first attack in an auditorium thanks to the help of his new costume and some drones, but Spider-Man got wind of his plot and arrived quickly to save the day.

While trying to stop Mysterio, Spider-Man battled his way through a series of illusions, eventually encountering a crouched Mysterio in a supermarket. Before the fight, Mysterio’s health bar begins to fill up in a last-ditch effort to demonstrate his strength, suggesting that the fight ahead with him will be tough. Mysterio is a master of illusion, so it should come as no surprise when he is defeated with one measly punch.

6 Sans – Undertale

Sans is one of the most approachable skeletons in the Underground, but being on his bad side will result in one of the toughest boss fights available in undertale. While some would prefer Sans to remain Frisk’s friend, those looking for a challenge are sure to find one after making him an enemy.

The fight with Sans will instruct the player to avoid a barrage of lightning fast attacks. It may take several attempts to survive his attack, but once he exhausts everything in his arsenal, he can be knocked out with a single hit. While most one-hit bosses are relatively easy to overcome, Sans is a frustrating exception.

The beginning of the Dragonborn’s quest to save Skyrim from Alduin, the so-called World Eater, is perilous. Multiple dragons are likely to appear to stop their journey, no matter which quests the player decides to pursue first. The sight of one of these creatures is more than enough to instill fear in all who witness it, but this fear can be quickly diminished, depending on the Dovah-Kiin’s abilities.

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By fully leveling up the Stealth and Archery abilities, very few enemies will be able to survive the Dragonborn’s power. These two abilities work together to dramatically increase the player’s damage output, allowing all dragons to be felled in one fell swoop. Staying out of sight increases the damage the Dragonborn’s arrows inflict even more.

4 Kalle Demos – The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker

Unable to prevent his sister from being kidnapped, Link embarks on a dangerous adventure to ensure her safe return. He encounters a series of terrifying enemies on his adventures across the vast ocean, but not all of them pose the same level of threat.

After Link reaches the Forbidden Forest, he must make his way through the harrowing twists and turns of the area. Upon reaching the last room of the dungeon, he will be confronted by Kalle Demos, a plant-like creature that packs no punches. Beating Kalle demos would normally require the completion of a series of puzzle-like mini-games, but if the player happens to have a bottle of Forest Water in their possession, the deadly blow can be dealt by simply pouring it onto the roots of the plant.

3 Fine – Final Fantasy 10

After defeating the entire Moster Arena and the Dark Aeons scattered across Spira, Tidus and his companions will face their greatest challenge yet. Penalty comes out of the crater in the Calm Lands in response to the party’s impressive performance, but praising their efforts is not at the top of this monster’s agenda.

While the player may think they have completely exhausted the Sphere Grid, fighting Penance will leave them feeling seriously undervalued even when their stats are maxed out. With enough scream, however, Penance can be defeated by summoning Yojimbo and hoping he’s willing to execute Zanmato.

2 Yozora – Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind

The Re Mind DLC provided eager fans of the Kingdom Hearts series the chance to experiment with their approach to combat. If the player wishes, they can use a range of improvements to Sora that are made available through the EZ Codes menu, or they can choose to increase the game’s difficulty through PRO codes.

Learning Yozora’s moveset will likely take several hours, but the Deadly Blow ability allows this elusive creature to be knocked down in one fell swoop. While the sense of accomplishment you get from beating Yozora the right way is incomparable, there’s something comical about depleting all of his health in one fell swoop.

1 Bowser – Super Mario Bros.

Upon reaching the final level of Super Mario Bros.Mario will face Bowser, his iconic nemesis. The battle that unfolds requires the pixelated plumber to dodge Bowser’s projectiles while also dodging his jump attacks, but if the player is fast enough, this may not be necessary.

The ultimate fight with Bowser takes place on a bridge. While this location may appear to have little advantage at first, a well-timed jump on a nearby ax will destroy the precarious platform and plunge Bowser into the fiery depths below. This can be difficult without practice, but the achievement you feel after beating the game’s main opponent with such ease is hard to ignore.

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