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Best players to buy in Career Mode

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Of FIFA 23s As the release date approaches, many fans will be excited to experience all the changes and additions to the franchise. From an overhaul of FUT’s chemistry system to all the refreshing content being added to the career mode, FIFA 23 ushers in a new era as the EA Sports Finals FIFA game. The Career Mode improvements are arguably the most exciting changes to come into play, and as fans prepare for a managerial journey, they’ll be left wondering which players can excel on their teams.


FIFAs Manager Career Mode gives players the opportunity to take charge of a manager as they try to take their team to new heights and glory. One of the most important aspects of a successful Career Mode is the transfers, especially the first transfer window, as it can determine how the team will grow and reflect the style of play that the player wants to integrate. That’s why many fans wonder which players are the perfect fit for their team, because of their low price or their huge potential for growth.

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Goalkeepers are one of the most important members of a team, as a good player in this position can help a team to victory. In FIFA 23 there are many good goalkeepers that managers can buy for their team to bolster defenses as they grow from season to season. A good young goalkeeper may be hard to find, but they are an important part of any team looking to achieve long-term success in tournaments.

One of the best young goalkeepers for managers to keep an eye on is Gavin Bazunu, Southampton FC’s 20-year-old goalkeeper. With a starting rating of 70 and a low transfer price, Bazunu quickly becomes one of the most dominant goalkeepers with a potential of 86. For managers with a bigger budget, Diogo Costa is a great choice, as he already starts with a decent rating of 79 and an overall potential of 89.


Defenders protect the keeper from incoming attacks by either tackling the ball or simply putting their bodies in the way for shots and crosses. Within the backline, central defenders are responsible for using their strength and intelligence to stop dangerous play, while fullbacks are also encouraged to join the attack and take to the field. Thus, having a good defensive line not only increases the team’s defensive ability, but can also lead to devastating counterattacks.

Josko Gvardiol is one of the most exciting young central defenders in the game with a starting score of 79 and a potential of 89 making him a viable player for any of the big teams. For managers looking for a good young fullback, Wolverhampton’s Rayan Ait Nouri is an excellent choice, with a rating of 76 at the start of the game and an overall potential of 86. For managers with a lower transfer budget, the centerpiece is defender Tanguy Nianzou and right-back Goncalo Esteves are great choices.

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The midfield line helps control the game and often dictates the pattern of attack, while also falling back to further strengthen the defense. As a result, these players need a lot of stamina and a good balance between offensive and defensive stats. While certain positions, such as wide midfielders, are more attacking, they will still often run back to help the defense whenever they can.

For managers looking for an attacking midfielder, Dortmund’s Jamie Byone-Gittens is an excellent choice with a low starting score of 66 but an overall potential score of 85, making him a perfect option for lower budgets. As for more defensive players, managers should look to Noah Mbamba, who plays as a CDM with an overall rating of 68 and an overall potential of 87. For managers with higher budgets, players such as Ryan Gravenberch of Bayern Munich and Ansu Fati of Barcelona are great picks with a high starting score and even higher potential.


The face of any team is undoubtedly the attackers, who are responsible for scoring goals and attacking the opponent’s defense. These players need great dribbling, shooting, awareness and versatility that will allow them to achieve the goals needed to win a match. As a result, finding a great striker is essential to any team’s success, and having enough backup is just as important to replace injured players.

Youssoufa Moukoko is one of the most talented young strikers in the game with huge growth potential. He starts out with a slightly lower rating of 69, but can progress to 90, making him one of the most lethal cheap strikers at the start of the game. For higher budget managers, Joao Felix and Dusan Vlahovic are great options, both with a starting score of 84 and a potential overall rating of over 90.

All these players are great choices for managers in FIFA 23, and they can completely change the fate of any struggling team. Managers with lower transfer budgets should look to these players for viable starters on their team, while those with higher budgets can bring in these players as prospects, slowly growing them into top talents. Career mode in FIFA 23 will bring many exciting changes that could revolutionize a game mode that has been heavily criticized in recent titles.

FIFA 23 is scheduled to release on September 30, 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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