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The ultimate best horror movie guide

Welcome to Game Rant’s huge resource on all things horror movies.


There are many people who like to be scared, and while some people are very averse to the horror genre, it’s hard to deny that being scared can be quite exciting. Those seeking an adrenaline rush, or those craving the feeling of a “fight or flight” response while in the comfort of their home or a theater often turn to Horror content to get their blood pumping. and make their hearts beat faster. To better celebrate this polarizing genre and pay tribute to all things horror, we’ve put together the following directory that contains a wide variety of articles spanning multiple genres and categories. This resource will be constantly updated with new articles and guides, so check back often!

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  • Horror through the years

    Horror films have been distorted and changed over the years, with many directors pushing the boundaries of each decade that has preceded it. It’s amazing to see how much the expansive genre has evolved with each passing generation. The following articles all relate to Horror as it appeared in every previous decade.

    • The 2020s and beyond

    • the 2010s

    • the 2000s

    • The 90’s

    • The 80’s

    • The 70’s

    • Horror classics

  • Streaming services

    There are many great horror movies and TV shows that viewers can find on streaming services. Today, there are even horror-themed streaming services like Shudder.

  • Horror movies set in specific locations

    A ton of horror movies have been released over the years and some are set in some pretty normal locations while others are set in downright terrifying areas. These articles concern collections of horror films themed around certain places.

  • samples

    Horror movies have created some of the most terrifying creatures and monsters that have ever existed. Some movie monsters are so visually stunning that they can give a viewer nightmares. Here’s an overview of all things monster-related that can be seen in horror movies.

  • Slasher movies and “real” horror

    Horror can be much more terrifying if it’s plausible. Some of the most effective horror movies don’t rely on monsters, magic, or anything unrealistic. Instead, these movies are filled with demented killers, realistic scenarios, or seemingly possible situations.

  • Supernatural and Paranormal

    Ghost stories have always been a great subject for good horror movies. Some of the most iconic movies ever made, or the best cult classics, stem from the supernatural or the idea of ​​evil spirits haunting a specific location.

  • science fiction

    The vast, dark void of space is nothing short of horrifying. Not knowing what lies behind the stars is a great catalyst for filmmakers, many of whom have turned to the Sci-Fi genre to seamlessly blend the often terrifying visuals with their horror stories. The end result is a myriad of sci-fi horror movies that scare audiences into stargazing.

  • Comedy

    It’s hard to imagine that the Horror and Comedy genres would fit together well from the outside, but they manage to complement each other in a rather spectacular way. There have been some fun (and funny) horror romps over the years that have caused much laughter and terror.

  • Foreign

    Horror is a global phenomenon and there are a number of unnerving titles created by directors and talents from all over the world. Subtitled movies and movies in a language the viewer doesn’t own can be just as alarming (if not more so).

  • Vacation

    Most people associate Halloween with horror, as it is easily the spookiest holiday out there. But horror visionaries have created plenty of movies that capitalize on the real horror of the holiday season, even those that don’t fall on October 31.

  • Anime and animation

    Many great animated movies and anime have been made over the years that are either horror themed or fall into the horror genre thanks to their imagery. Here are some great examples.

    • Animation

      All things animated.

    • Anime

      Really gruesome creations from the East or things that fall under the Anime umbrella.

  • anthologies

    Horror Anthologies are a great way to get a ton of bite-sized stories all in one feature-length package. Some fantastic collections have been created over the years.

  • Short films

    Horror movies don’t have to be long to be truly disturbing. Some of the creepiest and most nerve-racking horror movies can be completed in minutes, yet still manage to leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

  • psychological

    Some horror movies are so baffling and psychologically terrifying that they spawned their own genre. Viewers looking for something a lot more about the darkness lurking in people’s minds, rather than monsters, should check out the following articles.

  • Technology

    Technology has greatly helped to advance society and make people’s lives easier. It has also become the recent subject of many horror films, which aim to show the dangers of relying on technology and what it is capable of.

  • Sequels, Prequels and Remakes

    Every once in a while, a horror movie captivates audiences to such an extent that it manages to stimulate a series of sequels, prequels, and even some remakes.

  • All about characters

    Horror movies have evolved with their own unique subset of characters, from the “last girl” to the “skeptic”, the “jock” and many other stereotypes in between. Fans of the genre have come to appreciate these tropes and many directors pay tribute to them in their films. Here’s a comprehensive look at some of the best characters in Horror content, including heroes, villains, and even comic reliefs.

    • horror villains

      All about killers, monsters, villains and more.

    • Heroes and survivors

      All about heroes, protagonists and ‘final’ characters.

    • All other characters

      Lists related to all other characters and character types that appear in horror movies.

  • Actors and directors

    Few genres have been as extensive, appreciated and researched as horror. Directors and visionaries have been pushing the boundaries for decades, giving audiences around the world new and otherwise harmless things to fear. Many great directors, actors and screenwriters have effortlessly blended multiple genres together to create some of the most polarizing and alarming horror content ever created, leaving the entertainment-hungry masses begging for more.

    • Directors

      All about the directors who have become known for their terrifying films.

  • In-depth on specific movies

    There are many fantastic horror movies that really impress the audience. Here’s a closer look at an in-depth analysis of specific horror movies.

  • Quotes

    The best movies are those that can be quoted indefinitely. Some movies have such an impact on audiences that decades after the movie is officially aired, they often quote scenes or jokes from characters. Horror movies are no stranger to this phenomenon and some horror movies have some absolutely powerful, tantalizing and downright hilarious lines.

  • Studio Specific

    Some studios mainly produce horror content or have become known for their terrifying films. The following articles focus on content from specific production companies.

  • TV shows

    Movies aren’t the only thing that captivates horror fans. Many great horror-based television series have been created over the years, some of which have even spawned multiple seasons or their own feature film adventures.

  • All the rest

    We’re big horror fans, which means there are tons of articles written on the genre here. Unfortunately, some of them are a little harder to “classify” than others. This section is completely random, devoted to all the Horror goodness that doesn’t fit anywhere else.


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