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The best deals from Xbox's Super Saver Sale

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The Xbox store is currently running a huge sale, offering players discounts of up to 90% on countless games in its massive catalog. Running through early October, it looks like there’s a game for everyone in Xbox’s Super Saver sale. Many of the games on sale are available to players who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate, but there are still great deals for anyone who wants to own copies of their favorite games.

There are many great offers to choose from and the huge selection available can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few standout points that everyone should add to their game collection.

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Legendary Mass Effect Edition ($23.99; 60% off)

In Mass effect, players control Commander Shepar, an elite human soldier who teams up with an intergalactic team to save the world from an ancient alien threat. The games are great for anyone who likes science fiction, especially those who like a good space opera. Role-playing fans will appreciate the interesting lore and story and enjoy building relationships with other characters.

The sale offers a great price to get these recently remastered games, especially since they are three games in one. Players shouldn’t let the controversy circulate Mass effect 3‘s end trick them — the original Mass effect trilogy is still a brilliant story worth playing through, so take advantage of this discount.

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Bayonetta ($7.99; 60% off)

While bayonetta has a bit of a reputation for being something less than family friendly, this game shines with its incredible action-oriented gameplay. With interesting features and responsive controls wrapped in a stylish visual presentation, bayonetta makes taking down bosses an art. Although the game was released some time ago, the graphics still look impressive today and the smooth combat is great even ten years later.

This is also a good chance to pick up this game and get to know the iconic titular witch character and the world she lives in, such as Bayonetta 3 will be released very soon. However, it will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order ($9.99; 75% off)

If there’s one thing that The Mandalorian has proven, it is that the appeal of Star Wars is infinite. Set after the events of Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order follows a Jedi Padawan who escaped Order 66 and is hunted throughout the galaxy as he tries to rebuild the fallen Jedi Order. Like other additions to the Star Wars universe, this game gives a new perspective on how the events in the movies affected people beyond the core characters shown in the movies.

There are a ton of Star Wars games currently on sale, but this one stands out for its distinct new storyline that will appeal to loyal fans and newcomers to the franchise alike.

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9 Monkeys of Shaolin ($3.99; 80% off)

9 Monkeys of Shaolin is an indie game from Sobaka Studio that recreates the elements of classic wuxia movies, mixing real history with fantasy elements in a side-scroller. Players take on the role of a humble fisherman seeking revenge after his friends and family are slaughtered in a pirate attack. It also allows for multiplayer gameplay not only online but also locally which is a huge draw.

This is an underrated beat ’em up game that fans of the genre will love, and it comes with great graphics and an excellent soundtrack. It’s also one of the cheapest games on sale, and it’s well worth it.

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Judgment ($17.99; 55% off)

From the studio behind the hit Yazuka series, judgement is a game with the same strengths with an excellent storyline and complex characters. The game follows a detective and his allies as they try to solve a case involving a serial killer killing Yakuza members in Tokyo. Fans of the game have complimented the unique cinematic plot and the variations in game modes it offers, making the game one that is always thrilling.

although judgement maybe not as well known as one of the Yakuza games, it’s just as good and perhaps even more accessible to players who might be overwhelmed by the size of the Yakuza franchisee. With a great combat system, several side missions and an interesting mystery that will surely leave players guessing, this game is one that definitely deserves a spot in any collection.

While this article covers some must-buy games, there are plenty of other games on sale, so be sure to check it out before it ends on October 10.


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