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I like a console, but only until a point can be seen (photo: Sony).

A reader recalls his life as a gaming expert. From the NES to the PlayStation 2, he shares a true story about him and his own life, and how he’s still alive.

Console wars and brand loyalty are never ideal, but I think it’s that simple. You look at every aspect of life, you find yourself being influenced by something. The above principles are followed by the politics, sports teams, subscriptions, supermarkets and general products, the product they buy; why do consoles have to be different?

I was born on Nintendo and could use the NES, so I loved Ninja Garden, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Blaster Master. Later I mastered the game’s own play. The game took me to a Mega Drive and led me to a new game in its own right, such as Sonic The Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat, Gunstar Heroes and Street Fighter 2. It was my childhood and gives me a lot of memories. I’ve never owned an SNES, but since the mid 90’s I was still on the Mega Drive, but I knew about the Sega Saturn, but then I remembered that it was known as a very expensive thing.

At that point, my interest in the game faded. Its 16-bit era had little to offer.

PS3 is out, but I completely forgot about it. My father bought it at a random time. But somehow he got chipped so I wasn’t sure how he knew that side of that game. This meant I could buy all PlayStation games for just $5. I remember looking forward to Sundays when I had my pocket money and going to my local market where they sold copyrights to the games. For me, this was a film with fond memories, where I wanted to choose games based on reviews from magazines.

I had a lot of magazines then. From now on, the console became my choice. I ignored the N64 and Dreamcast and bought the PlayStation 2. I recognize that N64 and Dreamcast have great games, but I’d rather be lucky and invest in a console for the best in games and accessories. As an example, the PlayStation 2 needed a multi-tap.

I started out a little bored in the PlayStation 2 years and gave myself a game with a gameCube, to play games like Metroid Prime, Zelda: The Wind Waker and Resident Evil 4. I also got an Xbox original to play Halo and Shenmue. Shortly after the release of the two brothers God of War and the Dungeon of the Colossus, PlayStation 2. It made me buy GameCube and Xbox, because I didn’t understand them much. Those are my high school days, where life wasn’t so boring before.

From this point, the PlayStation 3 came to an end. As many as 50 players have responded to the trailers, MotorStorm and Resistance. It was probably the most toxic era of movie fanboyism, when characters like Chad Warden stoked the flames and made fun of the Xbox 360 and Wii. I think it was a good choice for the competition to bring Xbox to the console market as it led Sony to embrace online gaming and introduce PS Plus as PlayStation 3 has struggled in recent years.

When Sony gained a lot of confidence in the release of Metal Gear Solid 4, LittleBigPlanet and Valkyria Chronicles, Sony tried to revive the game in 2008, but Xbox was still using a lot of power to sell a Wii game and came out . The console wars were so ingrained in me that I would check the VG Chartz to see how well the PlayStation 3 performed against the competition. After that I remember being happy when it caught up with the Xbox 360 in world sales, I think Xbox 360 was a little more popular in the UK and US. Wii was just completely dominant. I like PS3, when Sony makes new movie series. It’s the age of a teenager. This means we are all a part of my life. I went to work for the most part the day I was young.

With the arrival of the PlayStation 4, I remember going to Eurogamer Expo. A huge 4 The Players slogan that Sony finally did worked. However, Xbox and its Kinect push with Don Matrick left Xbox One off to a very bad start. Sony is probably at the pinnacle of the PlayStation 4 platform, which it can’t possibly reach again. I remember playing big single player games like The Last Guardian, Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, Ghost Of Tsushima, Spider-Man, Last of Us part two and God of War just to name a few. My experience with games became more and more interesting as I became more involved in storytelling. Metal Gear Solid, my all-time favorite game series, is probably the reason.

Sure, I got the PlayStation 5, but I couldn’t get it until now. I finally got a bottle of CeX at a very high price. PlayStation 5 got off to a good start, but I was disappointed with more cross-gen games like Horizon Forbidden West and God Of War Ragnarok. I have always enjoyed returning. The PlayStation 5 is out today. I can’t wait to see what games will come in the future. I am aware that this will probably be the last conventional console as streaming will become more complex in the next generation. I’m going to appreciate that gift.

Consoles can be a time in your life and it’s interesting to see what you’ve collected for each console and what changes your gaming habits and tastes. I support Sony PlayStation as a sports team, it’s good to be passionate about something, but in the end it’s also important to know that other consoles get it right too. I’d like a PlayStation VR2, so I bought into the PlayStation ecosystem. If I have an Xbox X/S or a Nintendo Switch, I wouldn’t be able to invest in VR.

Astros Playroom for PlayStation 5 is an example of why brand loyalty should be valued. Playing that and navigating through history was extra special as I drove through the entire journey from the start of the day. In the end, enjoy playing the console you choose.

Matt Riddle is a reader.

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