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Beginner Tips for Need for Speed ​​Heat

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Need for speed heat is one of the latest games to be given for free on some platforms and fans of racing games are sure to find plenty here. It offers arcade racing goodness with a bit of story that has become somewhat distinctive in Need for speed spell. It also has a reputation for having some brutal police chases during the Night Races.

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Aside from that, the game can be quite a grind and can also feel overwhelming with all the options it offers. Understandably, some newcomers to the franchise or genre may feel intimidated. Fortunately, though, the game has been out for a few years now and some veterans of the series have something to offer beginners.


8 Avoid Night Races with Starter Cars

Night races will come up sooner or later after tutorial missions. It’s the other half of Need for speed Heat where police cars will interrupt street racing. This can be a brutal affair at low Heat levels and the main culprit is the slow starting vehicle. Players will want to upgrade their rides to something more modern early on.

That’s because the three starter cars don’t offer much headroom. So upgrades can be disappointing. By the way, it is recommended to avoid Night Races until the players can find a new set of wheels that have better upgrade potential and preferably a higher base speed.

7 Do night races while offline

Now, even with an improved ride, night racing can still be a frustrating affair as some of it can depend on RNG or chance. Some police cars can spawn unexpectedly or they can cause a pile up that swallows the players. That is why it is also recommended to do the Night Races offline.

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Because when players are offline, so can they pause the game (actual break) or avoid online interruptions. Pausing a racing game has many benefits as players can plan their route or catch their breath from the police chase. In addition, players can avoid some online issues, such as the rare unexplained lag or rubberbanding in a single-player online race.

6 Don’t buy a new car every time it unlocks

Need for speed heat has a staggeringly wide selection of cars – enough to make Vin Diesel feel like a kid in a toy store during a Christmas sale. Sure enough, some players might find it tempting to chase the next big unlocked car or upgrade; this happens a lot in real life too. But the same counter-advice applies here: stick to some good cars at best.

Avoid the lifestyle bloat or the digital midlife crisis urge to buy the latest sports car. cars in Need for speed heat are also expensive. Purchasing each new one unlocked at certain reputation levels will set players back. Instead, players will want to plan their goal or purchase. Because once they complete the story or reach reputation level 50, making money is too easy, allowing players to play as a collector.

5 Use shipping containers to lose the police

Dealing with the police is inevitable in Need for speed heat. The game will eventually force players to participate in some high stakes night races to increase the Heat Level and Reputation Level. The hardest part is shaking off the police vehicles after the race; they tend to pile up on the players.

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But one good technique or exploit that players have discovered is that agent AI isn’t too smart. When players jump on a shipping container with their car, this counts as hiding from the police. So while exploring Palm City, players will want to remember the location of every accessible shipping container they can find.

4 Elliptical tracks are great for grinding money

Grinding is a big part of progression in Need for speed Heat. Suffice it to say that players won’t get very far without money, especially if they want to buy parts and upgrades for their workhorse car. If players want a stress-free grinding method, the Palm City Raceway strikes a good balance between income and time.

It is an elliptical race track located just behind Lucas’ Garage. Races here usually last only two to three minutes and players only need to choose a car with a high top speed or high acceleration. The road holding does not matter as there are not many obstacles on the road. This place can also be a good place for farming rep.

3 Play with friends for less grinding

If players want to reduce the tedium of grinding and repeating simple races over and over to earn money, they can choose to play online with other people. Racing with a crew (either by joining a crew or starting one) will increase the money and experience the reward compared to solo races.

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A high-level team also gives higher reward boosts, so players are not pressured to always take first place at the finish. Now we also recommend playing offline during night races, but in difficult night races with a lot of heat, having a high level team to help is also a good method to overcome these night races.

2 Don’t try to avoid the police until a certain speed

There’s always that impulse to just avoid the police vehicles after Night Races. They can’t catch up, right? That depends on the car the players drive. Players must write down their car’s performance score. Everything below 350 maybe not ideal for avoiding the police.

Or if players are confident enough in the condition of their ride, they should at least make sure their car can easily reach a top speed of 250-300 km/h if they want to avoid the police. It is usually the Euro exotics that allow players to easily achieve this kind of speed. Coincidentally, they are also often the most expensive.

1 The Porsche 911 RSR is widely regarded as the best car

Speaking of fast Euro exotics, you can’t go wrong with the Porsche 911 RSR. The community generally considers this model the best car in the game, with some swearing by how overwhelming it is compared to every other option. Players can even take it to any type of event, from the typical race to drifts, and even off-road.

Heck, the base top speed only peaks at 280 km/h; add some upgrades and the car gets even better. It is also not too expensive like other European cars and players can unlock it on Reputation Level 16. So if players want a target car to save money in the game then this beautiful oldie but goodie will be more than satisfying.

Need for speed: heat is available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC.

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